Grateful Conservative Publicly Thanks Dems

I for one am so darned grateful to dems and other gutter trash libs for finally coming out of the closet.

Dem watching conservatives have known for 20+ years what the left is. However, middle America…the ones who too busy and possibly too sane to pay much attention are finally getting it. And this is possible because dems have come out of the closet.

Thank you Auntie Maxine! Thank you 50 times.

The left, in coming out of the shadows…publicly parading their depravities for ALL to see…scurrying up from their secret places are doing what all the beleaguered comment yakkers and the handful of conservative mega-yakkers COULD NOT DO. They are so putting their posteriors in the face of good but unobservant regular down the middle Americans that they are forced to once and for all see…and act.

Dems with their megaphones but without a clue are #resisting themselves into obscurity.

Yes, I know it’s strange. How could someone temper tantrum and yell themselves away. Right? But it’s happening.

The dem party is daily marginalizing themselves. Spiraling down to the bare 20 to 30% of Americans with mental illness. Soon… (not soon enough for this one) the dem party will be a party without portfolio.

With the dem party soon to go on the ashpile of history something much more centerist will come along to replace it. And then we’ll be a two party system again. You watch. It’s happening right now in front of your face.

Stop making shot up. These are you opinions only and they are bogus!

Still amazed by the dearth of intellect by my stompyfeet juvenile Downvote Rump Rangers hereabouts.

But keep it up I say.

One note to any passing conservative. I correct myself on a small point. I often use the term lib collectively and this is an error.

It occurs to me that libs, being lazy libs let the radicals hijack their movement. This is well known.

When you put a Shoomerclown or a Pelosi side by side with Trump then old fashioned libs will stand with Trump. They have no choice. Simply have no choice. Zip, nada.

I know they hate it…but they can’t back the radicals. So here we are. It’s not that the country is moving right. It’s that the radicals are moving ever more left you see. At some point they moved so far left that they collected in a smelly puddle of goo over in the corner. Traditional libs are left only with conservatives to support.

The radicals have segregated themselves. So, Downvote Rump Rangers…continue to puddle. Puddle on.

By this logic HANNITY is ALSO…a troll.

Depravities? Son please! Te Republicans have bought themselves the most drpaved individual of our time and hoisted him into the Captains seat. My god man, get well.

The sneaky rascal is so depraved he actually daily utters the late democrat taboo (or swear) word. God. Also becomes the fav of faith leaders everywhere. Brings back the epithet…gasp! Merry Christmas! Even hosts a Ramadan Ding Dong event AT the White House. Shameful!

Obama did all of those things.

This “rump ranger” thing is really bizarre.

I’m grateful too! Its so easy to prove their derangement now, just quote 'em!

What? Did they shut down Spinach again?

But he wont utter Pornstar will he? He wont talk about adultry will he? He wont honestly confess will he? Toppell

Russian culture is normal

I can’t figure out why he keeps using a gay slur.

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Ironic post is ironic.

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Only you say it gay

Looks like new slang for gay men?

Leave it to cons to find creative new ways to keep bigotry going strong.

Nah, that one has been around for ages. It’s just a variation on “ass pirate.”

Well, ■■■■, I needed to pay more attention in middle school!

Even if you are right, they will be laying on that same ashpile as that which used to be the almost respectable GOP.

They are going to go the way of the dodo as well with the newfound taste of power that Trumpism has given his supporters.