GRAHAM SLAM: Sen. Graham EXPLODES on ‘Radical Left’ for Government Shutdown | Sean Hannity

Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed the “radical left” over the weekend for their role in holding federal workers “hostage” as border security continues to deteriorate; saying “we’re not going to negotiate” with people who call federal agents “Nazis.”

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The Democrats claim that the President refuses to compromise yet they are the ones that say ’ do it Our way or don’t do it at all’. A year ago they said ‘no border funding without something for DACA’. When Trump offered more than they demanded for DACA, they turned him down flat. They seem to forget that they are only one part of our government. They are NOT the same as the Soviet Politbureau.

I wish, someone - Anyone, would bring up the amount of money the Government has spent on sound barrier walls adjacent to housing developments along interstate highways across this country. I would like to know the total cost, for all 50 states. They can afford to build these walls to protect the people from the noise of the traffic but can not afford to build a wall to protect U.S. from everything bad that crosses the border.
Mike Thomas, From Ohio

Pelosi and Schumer wanted a wall. Now they don’t. What changed?

Dims are wanting the government open and want to spend the next month “discussing” border security. They’ve already had months to discuss the border security. What changed?

Dim party today is obstruct, impeach, obstruct, impeach, obstruct.

What changed? Trump is what changed. They will never agree with anything he says or anything he wants to do. That is just a truth we will have to work against.

I agree with Mike7…More needs to be done to publicize sound barriers along the interstates versus border wall expense(include all the and whistles too)…

My curiosity is what is the amount of money the DemocRATS Planing to get under the table if they do the Wall there way. In the other hands I come to know Pelosi wasn’t millioner the first time she get in congress, today she have over 100 millions, from were tvey come from? We have other Hillary?

Nancy & the other Demon-RATs do NOT want border security; they’re lying again! They will give our enemies Iran $150, $$$ & weapons to ISIS, Fast & Furious, squander our tax dollars on trips to Puerto Rico & other things, but will not allow $5B to build a wall to protect us! & 222 Demos voted NO on Resolution 28 to pay govt employees during the ShutDown! No matter how much Pres. Trump compromises, they will not accept it because they want Open Borders! They only care about themselves, money, position & power & will give the Globalists what they want because they do NOT care about the American people!

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