GOWDY UNCHAINED: Rep. Gowdy Calls Comey an ‘Amnesiac with Incredible Hubris’ | Sean Hannity

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey returned to Capitol Hill Monday morning for a fresh round of congressional grilling; answering questions over his handling of Hillary Clinton’s botched email investigation and the ongoing Russia-Collusion probe.

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And WHAT will be done about Comey and his partners in crime?

And WHAT will Trey Gowdy DO about it, issue another “statement”? I am NO IMPRESSED.

The blatent ineptitude here is staggering! Comey is basically saying he didn’t do his job. No one should hire someone that irresponsibe and have them in any position of authority. But we ALL know he’s a bald face lier.

NOTHING. I have bad news, for every pro-American person, on Earth. NONE of the anti-American vermin, in the Totalitarian Potty, nor their supporters, nor the members of their anti-American propaganda wing, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or MSLSD, are going to jail, for ANY of their crimes. I am very disappointed, to be having to tell you this. But, NONE of the co-conspirators, who tried to steal the 2016 President election, and who are involved in the slow-motion, low-key, coup de e’tat, against the, duly elected, government of the United States of America, are going to receive any, significant, punishment.

When treason is dealt with swiftly it will become unpopular. I support Trump 110% without being a Republican or Demonrat. With 90% of MSM, Hollyweird, and newspapers controlled by only 5 corporations it is not hard for deep state to control the narrative.

The remaining 10% must be searched thoroughly to find truth. Thanks Sean for your efforts, I know the president is counting on you and your efforts that put you in the hot seat with one of the 5 corporations.

God bless patriots worldwide.

No doubt treason has been committed by many of the deep staters. The problem with any prosecutions is simple. They are the prosecutors ! The foxes are watching the hen house and until Rosenstein is gone and some real prosecutions take place that cannot or will not change.

I have been a serious Trump supporter and used my site to help get Trump elected. Here is my problem now Why did Trump back off from releasing the docs ? And if you recall he also backed off from going after Rosenstein when he was accused of setting up Trump and wearing a wire. They had a meeting at the WH and all of it vanished within a few days ? Something is very wrong here people. Rosenstein told Trump something to make him back up bigly , because that is exactly what happened, I am not adding anything here as conjecture , just what took place ? What it was, I have no idea but it is clear some sort of threat or serious coercion was made. Also the idea that releasing the docs would harm the UK or Aussies is quite absurd as Trump has to know they are part of the deep state and working against him as well. So that was just a cover story to obfuscate. Something is very wrong people and I am very concerned going forward. When DJT starts making excuses and not following thru as he should that does NOT work for me at all. We all know the many crimes that have been committed. We must see some prosecutions or USA is toast. Without those prosecutions it means we have no real laws, just massive double standards for the elites and the bureaucracy that is out of control. I am watching diligently and will not accept anything less !

Excellent work Sean for helping expose it all. I have done the same. we are many.

SOMETHING must be done! After the political waste of time and all the exclamations have come in and the Judicial system has done the same with all legal remedies exhausted, then the physical remedy is used. There should be no escape, even if they leave the Earth for another planet. They can be followed, tic tok, tic toc! None of what is being exposed, regardless of the criminal, can be allowed to go unpunished. Government prosecutors threathen individuals, then their families ; That has been the MO of the Mafia for decades! The same should be true to some extent for dealing with the known criminals. None should escape! Whether military tribunals or Citizenry Tribunals, punishment should be swift and final- with prison time being the exception rather than the rule. Hear what you want, but do something in time…

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We still have to go by the prosecutorial process first and if treason is proven, so be it and the according sentences carried out swiftly as you say ! If Trump does not correct these criminals we will have only two choices. One would be to accept our fate like whipped dogs, the other would be to go rogue and seek justice as necessary realizing we are not obligated to follow illegal laws or supposed legal entities who commit serious crimes against us deliberately ! They do NOT have impunity unless we give it to them.

The first option is not an actual possibility as I see it for many valid reasons.

I know Senator Gowdy is flustered but we certainly need him in government with a big voice!

Anyone with that bad of memory needs to be checked for Alzheimer’s and needs to be removed for incompetence. His mind is incapable of handling the job or even walking around without a service dog. Why is he in charge of such an important position?

The only thing anyone should be calling this traitor to his oath of office, the agancy that he worked for, the government and the people and the country, is inmate # so and so… Let’s get the real criminals in jail and rid our country of the traitors, once and for all, so that others coming up see that crime doesn’t pay… unless you like three squares and a cot!

“Amnesiac“ is too kind. Unemployable dementia is more like it.