Governor's Conference (Idea?)

The nation is in shambles and trusting the feds has only made it worse. What if the governors of each state held a national conference where they could discuss what’s going on and how to tackle today’s issues/crises? Perhaps an intervention of some sorts?

Would this be similar to an article V intervention? Except with this, no changes to the Constitution would happen. It would just allow the states to coordinate. I think this might be more preferable since people (including me) are afraid of the integrity of Constitution being compromised by the overturning of good amendments or the addition of harmful ones.

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Got to be willing to go all the way. Situations like that don’t let you keep what you like as off limits.

Democrat governors would never want to change anything as Democrat ideology believes in an all powerful central government that dictates virtually every aspect of the citizen’s life.

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Sounds somewhat similar to a continental congress similar to that before the revolution. I like it.


I’m all for it. The states are ultimately the only ones who are going to be able to fix this mess.



Many of the Dem governors in Dem states are not slamming the Biden policies, in spite of their (sanctuary) cities getting absolutely overrun with migrants. By and large they are clamoring instead for more Federal money to deal with the crisis Biden is still amplifying.


Exactly how are Democrats doing this? Taxes and regulations? How else have you been affected by this?

1908 called, they want their idea back:

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I didn’t know that existed.

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