Gov. Kristi Noem pressured agency to give her daughter real estate liscense

“Just days after a South Dakota agency moved to deny her daughter’s application to become a certified real estate appraiser, Gov. Kristi Noem summoned to her office the state employee who ran the agency, the woman’s direct supervisor and the state labor secretary…Noem’s daughter attended too.”

That sounds totally on the up and up…

And of course, she has to pull out the victim card as well.

“The Associated Press is disparaging the Governor’s daughter in order to attack the Governor politically – no wonder Americans’ trust in the media is at an all-time low,” spokesman Ian Fury said”

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Exactly what transpired at the July 27, 2020, meeting in the governor’s office isn’t clear.

So let’s all leap to conclusions.

It needs to be explained. We’ll see.


Its not a very big leap…And add a bit of retribution to the mix as well.

“Kassidy Peters, then 26, ultimately obtained the certification in November 2020, four months after the meeting at her mother’s office. A week after that, the labor secretary called the agency head, Sherry Bren, to demand her retirement”

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The supporters won’t care.


I certainly don’t. What’s the point of being governor if you can’t throw a little weight.

Sure, sure. Demand her retirement why?

Oh we’ll book mark that one…lol


Go right ahead. It’s not like she got her CNN brother to cover up killing old folks or mashing the help.


Whatever happened to consistency? You rail against this type of stuff quite a bit.


Do I?

How about that?

Ok…benefit of the doubt. We’ll see…

Of course. Cowgirl privilege.

Want to bet she addresses it by Friday?

It could also be speculated that the initial license denial was politically motivated.

How difficult is it to get a real estate appraiser license? Should be pretty easy…easier than a loan or business favor.


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In September 2019, Peters applied to become a certified residential appraiser. But in late July 2020, the Appraiser Certification Program moved to deny the license, according to a July 27 letter from Peters’ supervisor that was obtained by AP. The certification is denied when an applicant’s work samples don’t meet minimum compliance with national standards, according to the agency’s upgrade procedures.

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It was quite vague…subjective…open to interpretation.

“What does my constituent need to do to correct this situation?”


That’s the spirit!

Just because you daughter fails the exam doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get her license!!!

You’re gonna make a great university president.



SOmeone fails the test but has a powerful parent, and gets the license.

Someone fails the test, has no powerful parents and doesn’t.


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