Got a humbling diagnosis today

would like to connect with some old buds here… if anyone can help…




Lee Kingston


Even Rick

There are more that I shall remember at a later date.

I know most have given up and don’t come here on a regular basis but…

If ANYONE knows how to reach them…?

Please send me a private message with their details. Or ask them to contact me through Hannity messaging…Or send them mine …



They’re still here, sometimes. I don’t think anyone else on that list is.

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I’m here, Deb…left you an email too.

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Cant find it. I hope you still remember my number or personal email babe.

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I don’t know you or any of them personally, but I will lift you up in my prayers.

I know it isn’t a “politics” Thing…

I was talking to Goodlife, Tislaw, and Rat/Sidestreamer last night.

I’d love it if we could have one last meetup…in honor of Stuball who passed this year.

We always had a TON of fun.

I know a lot of oldtimers still watch the board on occasion…

Message me.


Great to hear from you.

Stuball died? Awww—that sucks. :cry: :