GOP voter fraud in california

the state should take a couple steps.

  1. arrest the GOP leaders.
  2. invalidate the ballots since theres no way to know if the are legitimate

At the very least, they should definitely find the owners of the ballots and let them recast their votes.


Hold on a minute, we’ve been told ad nauseum that mail in voting was just as safe and secure as in-person voting and that fraud was practically non existent. What changed?

Nothing has changed.

Mail in voting is safe.
What’s not safe is dropping a ballot in a unsecured, unmanned boxed that is run by a political party and says "Offical " on it despite it not being Offical.


couldn’t agree more

Would you be comfortable dropping off your ballot at the official democrat party owned and operated ballot box?

Wasn’t there a thread on this already?

Okay, must be time for “Voter ID.”

Funny how the leftist excuse for not having “Voter ID” is so racist when they say it’s “voter suppression” or “voting discrimination”