GOP: Renomination of Trump to be held in private

WASHINGTON (AP) — The vote to renominate President Donald Trump is set to be conducted in private later this month, without members of the press present, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Convention said, citing the coronavirus. If the GOP decision stands, it will be the first party nominating convention in modern history to be closed to reporters.

This is interesting- I’m surprised he’d acquiesce.

Well…libs should be happy? This will greatly reduce to potential spread of the corona virus…amirite? :sunglasses:

I don’t think coronavirus is the real reason.

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The turnout would be the same as in Tulsa… bigly.

Also, I bet some of those delegates would rather not be seen in public nominating a candidate whose presidency is crumbling all around him.


Well if you wanted to make sure every journalist and political blogger in the world will be sneaking in anyway looking for the dirt that has to be there if they’re banning journalists, mission accomplished.


Me neither. I think they know damn well it’s going to be a very ugly affair.


This is completely normal.

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Funny how a guy whose spent his entire adult life trying to get the press’s attention and be in the news doesn’t want it anymore. A perfect example of “be careful what you wish for”.


It is great to see the Republican part leading by example so no complaints from me.

What is even better is you know Trump hates this. Is ego loves nothing more than adoring crowds.


Exactly!!! From the article itself…

Given the health restrictions and limitations in place within the state of North Carolina, we are planning for the Charlotte activities to be closed press Friday, August 21 – Monday, August 24,” a convention spokeswoman said. “We are happy to let you know if this changes, but we are working within the parameters set before us by state and local guidelines regarding the number of people who can attend events.”

It’s a DemGovernor so I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t put more restrictions by the time of the date of the convention. :roll_eyes:

Yup, old saying:
“Some people push putter and shove
Looking for molehills to make mountains of”

Most transparent presidency evah!


I’m a political junkie and I couldn’t care less what goes on at political conventions even with every minute of it broadcast for three or four days or whatever.

Until now. Now I want to know what’s going on and believing you can keep secrets of any import in this day and age just by banning reporters is the silliest 1970s boomer ■■■■ I have ever heard. This 2020. We live in a cyberpunk world but much lamer.


Would be worth it to have cameras in there so Republican leaders can be seen squirming as Trump declares himself the greatest Republican in the history of ever, with 100.6% approval ratings.

Just amazing, amazing ratings.

If…Trump is too complicated for anybody, that person is hurting? :sunglasses:

I want to see people praising Trump. On camera.

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That’s the part they don’t want to have happen. At this point they’d probably rather use vote by mail for the convention as well.

For a lot of them, it’s got to be a little like a young woman marrying a massively older and more massive man for the money. They just want to get the uncomfortable consummation part out of the way and move on.

GOP nuked a bunch of primaries anyway, didn’t? How are they gonna pick the 10% of delegates that get to go. Can’t just be volunteers willing to go to another spreader event for the President.

There has to be some sort of loyalty check, no? Only superdelegates?

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