Google Pixel 4 Opinions?

I use my cell phone mainly to take photos, and secondarily to surf the web. Thirdly to text people, fourthly to call them.

It’s the newest LG, and I’m very disappointed in the photo quality.

Anyone have a Pixel? I know the newest one isn’t out quite yet, but I’ve read that they have the best phone available.


I don’t regret upgrading from my old Galaxy 5 to a Pixel 3 a month or two ago. The price reduction was enough of an incentive for me to finally commit to upgrading my phone. I don’t know if there were/are better options for that price point. I like my phone.

I am on my 3rd google phone.

I currently have the Pixel 3A XL. The camera is great, especially night pics.

I hear the 4’s camera is even better.

I have an iPhone 11. iOS fanatic. I’m glad Apple finally took a page from google and added a night mode for camera shots. Big upgrade from my 7 Plus and with the trade and the bonuses my carrier was running I got it for basically 300 bucks.

But I’ve used the Pixel line on several occasions and if I was going to switch to Android that’s the one I’d go for. It has the industry’s best night mode. I prefer Samsung’s hardware design on their flagships but the Pixel 4 looks like a fantastic piece of kit.

Thanks all for sharing!

I think I’ll have to try one!

I have an iPhone 6S, works for me. Bought it new about 3-years ago. Had the battery changed a few months ago before the special discount expired, cost about 30 bucks.

Went to an iPhone because we suffered from a horrible virus that was caught on my Galaxy. We had a real tough time because it was able to reinstall itself after going through a total reset.

My son is in IT and explained that one of the problems (at the time) was that smartphone android systems are modified by each manufacturer. Pardon me if I don’t use the correct terminology here. So there is an underlying Android system and each manufacturer then layers their own version over the top of that. As a result there were significant delays when threats were discovered because the “fix” would have to go to the manufacturer, they’d have to integrate it into an update/patch, and that could delay development and deployment by months.

Since Android is a Google OS and Google produces the Pixel inherently Pixels have received security updates faster than other Android phones.

I like my iPhone and will probably replace it in about a year. Whether I stay with an iPhone or go to an Android I’ll decide then but Pixel would be high on the list.

(Usage: Phone, Texting, and a hell of a lot of YouTube Let’s Plays)

I travel a lot and as a travel blogger, I need a phone that has a great camera. (A lot easier than lugging around a regular camera!)

So I’m not so much interested in the phone part of it as the camera part.

And that’s a good point. Can i use the Pixel just as a camera, or does it have to be linked to a carrier?

I have a Nokia smartphone (well technically it’s my son’s) in addition to my iPhone.

It’s a regular phone, it is not activated with a carrier. He originally bought it for some techy things he was working on, then it sat in his drawer as he also has an iPhone. He and I use it occasionally around the house to stream stuff via the houses WiFi. Just charge it up, connect it to my bluetooth headphones and stream an audiobook, YouTube or podcast. Saves wear-n-tear on my regular phones battery.

So short answer it, ya camera’s work even if the phone itself is not activated to a carrier. Now with that said you have to think about how will you transfer images. With no carrier you will have to be on WiFi, microSD card if it has a slot, or via a cable connection to another device to transfer.