GOOGLE GLITCH: Search Engine Labels Republicans as ‘NAZIS’ in Results | Sean Hannity

Technology giant Google came under fire Thursday after the search engine listed “Nazism” as the official ideology of the California Republican Party, sparking outrage from GOP supporters across the country.

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And it will be called an innocent mistake… not intentional.

■■■■■■■ liars . Libs… the filthiest of liars.

Old news…

It will be discussed to death already 3 months ago.

■■■■■■■ goofballs. Cons…computers are hard.

The computers apolitical.
Your logic says that Trumps tweets are the work of the computers that translate his finger movements into words on your computer display.

Yes. And google auto side bars the Wikipedia entry for a search if it’s available. Someone edited the wiki. It was fixed quickly. 3 months ago.