Good Ruling Goresuch

One of President Trump’s nominees sided Monday with the liberal wing of the Supreme Court for the second time in two weeks, as Justice Neil Gorsuch joined a narrow majority in support of a Native American man convicted for hunting in a national forest.

Goresuch voted the right way on this one. There is far too much intrusion by centgov. “National forest” sounds a lot like “killing the king’s deer.”


I thought it was a good decision too.

Good ruling.

Yeah good decision.
I have a Quinault friend who legally hunts elk on National Forest land on the Olympic Peninsula off-season. All tribe members can do that so this ruling is consistent with this practice in WA.

As a side note, you have to hand it to the Lakota people who could take in millions of dollars by accepting the forfeiture of the Black Hills (which they will never get back) that the US stole after the Treaty of 1868. That’s some serious principle.

Good on the court. Disappointing it was not unanimous. Clearly Herrera was within his rights.

Sneaky and biggestal agree…hard to believe

Also hard not to believe this wasn’t unanimous.

Seems like a no brainer to me


The guy the case was about was an ass for trophy hunting and leaving the meat. Still a good ruling.

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Kavanaugh voted wrong again. He’s the new David Souter.

It’s good to see judges being true to the law and not their political ideology. Good ruling Judge Goresuch. May other more political judges observe, learn and put into practice what you just did.



Every time I hear about someone having to go through some sort of “re-education” I think of the Maoist policy of making individuals confess and apologize for counter-revolutionary speech and conduct.


I agree the word has dark associations.

So does the government mandated action.