Good News? September Jobs Report


Texans like oil at $70/bbl


Almost every company that announced something said it would be a one time bonus, even though the tax savings are annual.


Not true at all.


It’s true. But the economic effect is nearly always overstated.


Agree. There were assumptions implicit in my response.


Ya totally poor people are just stupid, lazy and uneducated amirite. MAGA


I pay more to produce and transport my goods as inflation increases. It’s sort of how inflation works.


Not smarter ones. We like it at about $60-$65.


I want what I got last year, so I’ll pay you what I paid you last year.


I find that hard to believe given your posts in this thread.


Yes. I know. That doesn’t change anything about what I said.


Why should I care?


It makes what you said silly.


The point being made has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. It was being made in response to a strawman argument I never made.

The studies you point to were done by Keynesian Economic advocates. Of course they would say that Trickle down doesn’t work. I would expect no less.

But again I clearly see everyday evidence for myself.

Recently a major hospital was built in a neighboring community. Over the intervening years an explosion of growth surrounding that hospital has taken place. Miles of new healthcare businesses have sprung up. Not surprisingly many small businesses have opened their doors to cater to the needs of these new care professionals. I don’t even recognize that stretch of road anymore.

Trickle down economics resulting from that single hospital.

Nothing to see here.


Total nonsense but I expect nothing more from you. Zero data. Zero analysis. All talking points, many of which are confused and sometimes contradictory.


So you don’t want more?


That’s a bad example. Every sports stadium built in the last 30 years at least has been incredibly subsidized by the city they’re in.


Almost certainly heavily subsidized by the government as well.


That’s not trickle down. That’s just basic multipliers. The same multipliers can exist with demand push economics.


Actually that is exactly what trickle down is all about. I realize DEMs believe trickle down means that the rich will simply give away money to the less wealthy, but that simply isn’t the case.

You are just mouthing gibberish. There is no such thing as “Demand Push Economics”.