Good News? September Jobs Report


What have you done to deserve more for doing them same job you did last year?


There’s this thing called inflation.


Yes there is. Get promoted.


How did my company cause or contribute to inflation?


Unfortunately I don’t see the list has any breakdown of how many of these were anything other than bonuses and I certainly am not going to dig through 200 plus pages to do so.

Many anecdotes are still anecdotes. Any idea how many companies are in the US?


I am the employer so I am taking home more for doing the exact same thing this year.


Inflation doesn’t affect employers?


You get what pay for.


No. Employers can just charge more for their products as inflation increases. It’s sorta how inflation works.


What a great line for corporations and businesses. We cant pay you more because shucks too much taxes. Oh we just got a tax break. Sorry we cant pay you more because we may have to pay more taxes some point in the unknown future. Shucks! Oh well get back to work while we continue growing record profits and growing the 5%'s wealth exponentially for decades!


It’s like the poor and middle class pay for everything


Actually my analogy is spot on.

Tax cuts spur economic growth. More small businesses. More jobs. DEMs continue to get hung up on wealth distribution where the rich are supposed to simply hand out some of their new found wealth. That isn’t what trickle down is about at all.

Let’s talk about private planes. Yachts. Fabulous houses. There are multitudes of small business owners that cater to the rich and famous. Those business owners employ lots of people. Try telling them that trickle down economics is a myth.


I’m not missing the point of the criticism at all. You are all making a strawman argument about the stadium and government subsidies. I’m talking about the individual businesses that spring up around a new stadium.

What’s laughable is the continued denial that trickle down works, yet I see evidence of it working every day. All you have to do is walk downtown in a major city and see all of the street vendors and small businesses that have sprung up around a major corporate headquarters building. Trickle down.

It works.



Yea guyz our macroeconomics need to focus on building more Yachts! Damn poor and middle class peasants, we dont need your purchasing power, build us our damn yachts then get back to work!


Sorry. You clearly don’t understand the point being made and I doubt explaining it again and providing literature explaining it in rather simple terms will do any good.

Suffice to say, you’ve done nothing to show trickle down works and the example you provided has to be one of the worst you could have possibly chosen given its an extremely well studied area that has nearly unanimously demonstrated it doesn’t work.

And yes, those studies took into account the small businesses that “spring up”.


If the low wage earners would take advantage of some of that free schooling that Democrats like so much,they could get a good paying job in one of those businesses, and not have to worry about wealth distribution. Its called ambition. It’s where people get out and become productive contributors to society, while improving their situation. I came from a very poor place and bettered myself. Its called pride, not privilege. Peek a Boo is right trickle down works, but only if the people do.


Not when there is a list of over 700 companies that have anounced what that they are increasing wages, bonuses, increasing investments, increasing 401k matches or a combination of them.

No longer anecdotes when that happens.

and those are ony the companies that publicly said they were going to do that due to tax cuts. Could be hundreds more that have done the same.


Yes, it’s anecodtes. Many anecdotes don’t become data until it’s done on any systematic way to prevent bias.



Not anecdotal to me when companies are actually doing it.

But it could all back fire. You know like Amazon telling Bernie they will raise minimum wage at $15 an hour to all employee’s. Then removing bonuses and getting rid of the stock option so that many Amazon workers are saying with the minimum pay they will lose money.


If that’s the case, then I don’t think you understand what anecdote means.

As you wish.