Good News? September Jobs Report


Not from you. I have promotions for people who give me more.


It’s a type of inflation.


Demand Side Economics is really just another name for Keynesian Economics. And once again, I don’t understand what you mean by push pull. I’m assuming you are referring to Cost Push inflation, but I don’t see how it is remotely relevant to the discussion of Supply Side Trickle Down.


So please show me how what you are describing with my pop up business example is anything but Keynesian as ascribed to alleged government subsidies and infrastructure build.


Supply Side economic theory is about much more than simply tax cuts.


Want more you pay for it.


Increased prices of goods due to increased demand has nothing to do with supply incentives? Um go back to school bud


If you review my responses, you will see that simply isn’t true. :+1:



What on earth are you talking about?

Looks like you have completely changed the topic with a strawman argument that I never made. What’s that all about? :confused:


Yeah, I think they’re right. Supply side economic theory is a macroeconomic theory that has its effect via taxation and regulation by lowering cost of products by these means. Lower prices stimulate more consumption and more economic activity.

It doesn’t seem like it has much of any relationship with building hospitals or sports stadiums.


No. You were saying building a hospital created a bunch of jobs. You said that was an example of “trickle down”. I said, no, that it was an example of basic multipliers, which are just as possible with increases in aggregate demand incentivizing supply. I brought up push pull inflation and demand to show how the demand curve can put pressure on suppliers to supply more - not because they got a tax break, but because more people have money to SPEND (which can be accomplished through deficit spending, or social programs). I also noted that tax cuts on the rich have a higher ratio being saved, rather than spent, thus decreasing the multiplier effects - which means taxing the wealthy can INCREASE multipliers. In other words, you are saying “trickle down” and cant even seem to discuss it outside of political buzzwords.


You keep saying “trickle down” and you dont even know what it means.


I certainly do.


Yep. Make rich people richer. Eventually poor people get richer too.


Jobs actually were created, but that isn’t at the heart of my argument.

The building of the hospital itself has nothing to do with Trickle down. That wasn’t my claim at all.

You said no to a strawman argument which I never made.

Once again, you are simply defending an strawman argument I never made. And I still am unable to find any google references to PUSH PULL inflation.

Actually you are the one mouthing buzzwords, while refuting an argument I never made.

I provided a couple of supply side trickle down examples, and no one has yet addressed either of them directly. You might believe you are doing so with your strawman argument, but you really aren’t.


Tired old LW talking point that has no basis in reality.


The Oxford English Dictionary agrees with me.


Except it wasnt trickle down :rofl: you still dont even know what that term means.


I literally just typed it in Google here you go. Now if you were thinking “push pull” was a singular term then that further shows your lack of education. It’s like googling “demand supply” lol


You apparent dont even know what you are arguing any more