Good News? September Jobs Report


Are you just using buzzwords you heard on the radio?


You really have no clue what you are talking about… again


We are simply talking past each other. You are describing new businesses popping up as the result of a new Hospital in Keynesian terms and I’m describing them in Supply Side terms.


More Keynesian Economic theory.


I’ve taken college level courses in macroeconomics and in microeconomics.


No, that’s not what’s happening.

You are attempting to defend supply side economics using multiplier effects as an example, because you dont understand what the terms mean.


I could turn it around and state that Keynesian LIBs are using multiplier effect arguments to explain very real Supply Side trickle down.


You might be surprised at what I know! :+1:


What decade was that?



You could, but everyone would look at you funny, because what you’re trying to say makes literally no sense at all.

Multiplier effects are not “Keynesian”.


You’re right - having read your posts in this thread, I would be utterly shocked if you knew what “Keynesian economic theory” is.

Particularly since Keynesian theory is a macroeconomic theory, and multiplier effects are microeconomics.


What? Are you a random phrase generator?




“Supply Side” means tax cuts, with the HOPE that the resulting retained private money will be used for projects. You’re examples haven’t had the necessary “tax cuts” component to make them anything like examples of “supply side” or “trickle down.” You’re clearly using terms the meanings of which you have no clue.



There are more than one type of multiplier. We’re not talking about government spending.

Well, you kinda are - with your sport stadium and hospital examples. But that’s not what anyone else is talking about.


And the reasoning is because of what I believe about supply side. Do you have any formal background economics? Sounds like you dont.

False. Push pull inflation and demand side economics is a commonly used model in various macroeconomic theories


That’s what it sounds like. He sounds surprised that supply side critics promote Keynesian models lol




Yes there are Keynesian multipliers. Theres also fiscal multipluers.

Horses have hair. It doesn’t mean only horses have hair