Good News? October 2019 Jobs Report

So here’s the monthly jobs report:

This one’s going to be weird because of the GM strike. But 128,000. Wage increase of six cents is meh. Unemployment rate and labor participation up barely. August and September jobs revised up though so that’s good. But I want to get to what Trump tweeted because he’s ■■■■■■■ misleading people right now:

His numbers are crazy as hell and take a lot of explaining, and twists and turns to get to that number.

We grew again, so that is a plus. The wages remaining static continue to be troublesome though.

Where did he get his number? It’s not in the report?

I think he’s taking the 128,000 for this report, adding in the 95,000 that was revised up from the last two months(which is a really weird way to do it because he’s never mentioned downward revisions that happen all the time) and somehow saying another 80,000 should be added for strike effects.

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Positive is positive, still good news!!!(???)

when does this become trump’s economy?

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Since we are over two years into this administration, this is Trump’s economy.

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So he made it up…

Oh he absolutely made it up.

I’m sure he needed help. There must have been the assistance there of a proctologist with a flashlight.

manufactoring declined for a 3rd straight month

The highest ever you say?

where does this “2 yr” rule come from?

i suspect that if the economy started going south earlier then that would not be so long

That’s my personal rule of thumb for judging economies and presidents. It takes time for policies to be enacted and their effects to reverberate throughout the country.

It would be silly, in my opinion, to start blaming or praising a president on their first day in office for things they inherited. You have to look at what they do.

Presidents don’t have as much control over the economy as a lot people think that they do. Over five million jobs were created during 2015 and 2016 when Republicans had at least 30 Governorship seats, 54 Senate seats, and they still controlled the House. The Unemployment rate dropped from 5.7% down to 4.7% during those two years. But since the President was still a Democrat during those two years, the CEC went on about how bad the economy was.

I’m reasonably pleased with this jobs report.

Good job Trump!

Doing much better than the rest of the world… Good Job Trump!..

Too bad Ryan and this congress have not helped Trump! We’s all be doing even better.

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Simply out of curiosity, did you see the Chinese trolling post about how our GDP is less than a third of theirs and Trump taunts them about how bad they’re doing?

The chinese are fascist socialists… So, who cares? And we all know the swamp on both side has fought Trump economic policy. We’d be in a recession with out his regulation reforms…

So we’re not doing much better than the rest of the world?