Good news? May 2024 Jobs reports

272,000 jobs added. economy still churning out jobs unemployment ticks up to 4.0%

Wall street, who wants rate cuts slightly dismayed.


No all bad

Everything bad


272,000 jobs added - 500,000 illegals added…

taxes up

inflation up



Excellent news.

Yup. Real good news for those 272,000 illegal entrant foreign nationals being employed at a fraction of the going wage which American citizens were being paid.

If jobs were added, why was unemployment up?

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Not all good.

Everything good.


Well if they are being employed, it’s illegal and we should crack down on employers.

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idiocy. or nah?


grocery prices dropping?

or irrelevant?

leftist ruin across the landscape

no one knows because of idiot “news”

The country is a ruin but no one knows it because TV man hasn’t told us. :sweat_smile:

. . . stock futures immediately dropped

. . major indexes ended marginally lower

. . . unemployment rate rose to 4% from 3.9%

. . . the 0.3% increase in the unemployment rate is the highest monthly increase since April 2020

. . . persistently high interest rates

. . . some signs of a potential slowdown

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They are dropping a tiny bit and it’s not irrelevant.

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more people looking for work.


Crack down on the employer? The major employer is our federal and state governments.

Not of illegals, they aren’t.

Yep…and this was all agreed to by both sides of the aisle in 1986.

Title I: Control of Illegal Immigration – Part A: Employment – Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to make it unlawful for a person or other entity to: (1) hire (including through subcontractors), recruit, or refer for a fee for U.S. employment any alien knowing that such person is unauthorized to work, or any person without verifying his or her work status; or (2) continue to employ an alien knowing of such person’s unauthorized work status . . . .

Establishes an employment verification system. Requires: (1) the employer to attest, on a form developed by the Attorney General, that the employee’s work status has been verified by examination of a passport, birth certificate, social security card, alien documentation papers, or other proof; (2) the worker to similarly attest that he or she is a U.S. citizen or national, or authorized alien; and (3) the employer to keep such records for three years in the case of referral or recruitment, or the later of three years or one year after employment termination in the case of hiring . . . .

Now…enforce the laws because we know the lib mantra, “no one is above the law”.

Although nearly half of that was government and government-related jobs,