Good guys with guns kill bad guys with guns

A gunman entered a Texas church and opened fire. He killed one person before two church goers returned fire and sent him to hell. This is why I carry my pistol any time it is practical. Nice Shooting Texans!

If only we could keep the bad guys from getting guns in the first place then we wouldn’t need the good guys with guns.

Agreed. All of the “solutions” are stupid. Chicago and Baltimore are free fire zones. Hundreds or thousands killed each year. I live in a heavily armed upper middle class neighborhood. Our rate of gun violence is zero. When the libs talk about gun safety, they are talking about restricting our right to own a firearm. Why? We’re not causing any trouble. Attack the problem, not us.

Here is a photo that is popping up on facebook

Nice work. Guns saves lives and it’s too bad the biased media wont pick this up

Fox did. I would be shocked if CNN touches it. Maybe they have. :man_shrugging:

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I thought politicizing gun violence is bad

Only when it doesn’t reinforce your bias.

We live in a country where you have to bring a gun to church. Sad times.

You are correct! Which is why I did not do that.

Politicizing means using a tragedy as an excuse to push for political/ social change. I’m merely posted a news story. I’m not asking for any change at all. None what so ever. I simply stated facts.

Very true

Again. Just factual information. I’m not asking for any social/ legal change. But I will concede that if this was a game of gotcha ( and as you know, I don’t play gotcha) your point would not be without merit.

Bad guys are everywhere.

And yet millions, maybe billions would risk their lives to get here. What does that tell you about the rest of the world?

That they are moochers that need to bootstrap

Are you saying that their home countries do not offer as many freebees? The nerve!

Any law intended to keep bad guys from getting guns will be ten (or 100?) times more effective at preventing good guys from getting guns. At that rate, you will run out of good guys with guns long before you run out of bad guys with guns. And then where will we be?

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That’s a great shot at that distance under those circumstances.

It is when the media glorifies mass shootings. Copycating is always a possibility and it happens all too often. (That’s why the media mostly downplays teenage suicides. However, glorifying civilians protecting themselves and others with guns gives encouragement to the good guys, makes unarmed people feel safer, and gives the bad guys something serious to think about before attempting their crimes.

Well said

Yep a moving target. You’re scared ■■■■ less because if you miss you may die. He’s definitely not taking the time to line up his sights. It’s point and shoot. Pretty good shot under incredible stress.

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