Going to be some interesting confirmation hearings

While Joe seems to be populating his team with people connected to his corrupt practices with his son, you gotta ask. Is this the payoff for covering up? Lots of Biden family connections in the mix, lots of Russian collusion hoaxers.

Hearings should be grade A entertainment.


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What might those be?

corrupt ones. yes

They are now. :hugs:

Are we back to the laptop now? That seems like sooo long ago.


“Have a few minutes next week to grab a cup of coffee? I know you are impossibly busy, but would like to get your advice on a couple of things,” Hunter Biden said in a May 22, 2015 email to Blinken that the State Department released in 2019, pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request.

“Absolutely,” Blinken replied. Several emails followed discussing logistics. A separate email from Blinken’s assistant on May 27, 2015, listed his schedule for that day. It included a meeting with Hunter Biden set for 3:30 p.m.

That sounds positively dire and suspicious…


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Time to impeach Hunter Biden

It’s still soggy?

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Democrats now see no problem with family members enriching themselves based on daddies international connections?


And now the new National Security advisor, early defender of the fake dossier.

Biden national security adviser pick defended Steele dossier as ‘perfectly appropriate’ | Fox News


Nah, these days it’s ok to just appoint people and bypass the senate.

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You guys got it.

You’re settling into your new roles beautifully.

You’re going to remember it’s way more fun to be on offense than defense.


And with people like Wilbur Ross… who never really divested from his foreign business entanglements while serving as Commerce Secretary… it is going to be fun to watch what the objections are.

Are we still doing the laptop? Really?

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Back to using government as a political weapon.


Why was using the government as a political weapon in 2020 different from what Biden might do?

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Things are going back to normal…overbearing intrusive government, high gas prices and political payoff disguised as green energy and for our own health.


Nah… none of that is going to happen… but we can’t talk about why.