GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert utterly unloaded on anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok during a fiery exchange before Congress Thursday; trashing the “smirking” DOJ official for his outright lies regarding his personal text messages.

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17 months Trump’s been president and not a single democrat has been charged. Klannity goes off with a lot of hot air…remember the IG report the IG report…and Sara Carter…and the FISA abuses…it’s all just hot air.

Ghomert proved to be a total ass-hat.

He didn’t go “nuclear”, he just proved a person can projectile ■■■■ from their mouth.

Yes indeed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: He took his cue from leftist liberal Democrats.

Not in the least.

“Leftist Liberals” is redundant.

The Democrats and Peter and his crew were the adults in that room at that “hearing” aka disgusting Republican witch hunt.

Only a guy who never cheated on his wife would have the guts to do what Ghomert did. God bless him.

From the straight from the loins groans of the democrats I think we learned a lot about their private lives. (No shocker there.) Now friends of dems come argue with me so that all may know your proclivities as well.

Gohmert made an ass of himself. Berating the guy for infidelity while supporting this president? He’s either a moron or a hypocrite.

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To me it is a reasonable question. If a man can be a bold face liar to his wife then why wouldn’t he lie to Congress? God, Family, Country in that order!

You going to forgive your spouse for not only cheating on you but lying to your face about it?

Trump has cheated on multiple wives and I’m guessing you voted for him anyway.

That was before he was President, so it doesn’t count.

Gohmert is one of the stupidest people on the face of the earth.

Gohmert showed exactly what a doddering old fool of an ass-hat he is. Much like other Republicans in the room.

That is all he did.

All he needed was a handful of shiny ball bearings and a diatribe about the missing strawberries.

The man needed the white coat squad to take him to a padded cell.

As much as I loathe artificial term limits for Representatives, Senators, Presidents; the behavior of the Republicans in that “hearing” aka ‘true witch hunt’ could almost have me getting on the political term limit bandwagon.


That was a massive showcase featuring how the Republican Party has moved so far away from where I stand on issues, and how they have, without a doubt, LEFT me out.

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that is a lot of alternative facts…


Both! If not a bit off-balance (a lot).