God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!

Ah, but can you not also build a bridge out of stone?

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I am sorry if you think I was disrespecting you but no Disrespect was meant.
Can you please point me to where I should be looking
Because this is the current Definitions


A theologian; one who is skilled, professes or practices of what relates with God.

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Dude, don’t let the losers try and tell you that aren’t being respectful. You’ve been the most respectful person in the historicity of respectfulness.

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You’re exactly right!!! Lmao! How dare a Conservative put down a liberal on a Conservative based website! The nerve of it! right?

I realize that in your small vocabulary and children’s dictionary that most words wouldn’t be well explained or detailed, but if you use something such as Wikipedia(that’s still liberal), that if you actually continue to read, Theology can easily be the study of many God’s, or religious/spiritual beliefs in general, and doesn’t soley believe in a God. But searches for their own truth. Doesn’t deny or accept anything. In that aspect it is related to Agnosticism. But that is where Theologists differ from Agnostics. Is that we enjoy searching and investigating, and studying different beliefs and religions.

I really hope you aren’t being serious

Rather than get hung up further on politics, why not go ahead and talk about your original topic as in your thread title?

That was one of the most well thought out responses that I’ve ever had in my entire life by anyone anywhere! I don’t know how to respond to such an intelligent answer???
I mean I’m used to writing a paragraph or more, and most Democrats write a couple of words, or a sentence in response. I wonder why that is?

You’re not a very good troll

Its sinful nature, so even if you are a Christian you fail/fall, what matters is if/or how you get back up. If you accept Jesus as your savior, repent for your sin thru Jesus, you will be forgiven by God and you get a helping hand from the Holy Ghost. Your Faith comes from God the Holy Ghost and is fortified thru God’s Word. God acts as the Father/Creator, Son/Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, all three are God the Lord.