God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!

I’m a Theologist. Which means I don’t deny or accept anything. I simply say that I don’t know what created us all, and what happens when we die. However I do study different religions and spiritual beliefs. In my search for the truth in life, I’ve tend to lean more towards that the Democrats seem to want to Destroy the belief of God amongst Americans? Now maybe I am wrong, but you tell me what you think? Christianity evolved from Catholicism. It just seems like the Democrats seem to love the Atheists, Agnostics, and people that don’t seem to agree with believers of Jesus Christ, and yet they still sit there and play devils advocate, and try to act like they belief, or holy at the same time. So which one are they really? I think that the basic principles of Jesus Christ himself is love, hope, acceptance, compassion, and other great things. Where the flaws come in, in religion, is with humans in general, not even coming close to try to live up what they preach.

Perhaps it is a bit cynical, but I see Democrats as seeking out the disenfranchised to build their base. Democrats don’t seem to care what others are, as long as they are also Democrats.

You’re a theologist?

People coming in to deny this in 3…



And that is what the Democrats usually stand for in general. They have no strong base. They simply float around morality wise, and will sell out to anything or anyone. Just as long as they get the votes. I grew up in a Christian home. I do know some things about the Bible.
The basic principles of my morality does relate very closely to the Bible.
But yes LucyLou, overall, I’m a Theologist.

She turned me into a newt

Since you say you are a Theologist this assumes you are just studying “God” and the works and worships sounding multiple views of “God”.
So you would be more actually be more of an Agnostic who studies Theology.

a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.

I think the Democrats are not out to destroy peoples belief in “God” sure a certain group maybe. But their are still people who believe in a “God” of some type that are part of the Democrat party.
I think many people believe in a “God”
I see plenty of people still going to Catholic Mass in my town on Saturdays and Sundays and the parking lot is pretty full. And I know they not all Republicans.

I look forward to creating threads in the religion forum that show how the GOP has ruined Christianity and seeks out bigotry.

I’m sure you voted for Donald Trump

The most religious people in my life are all democrats.

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Please look into what a Theologist is, before you make inaccurate assumptions.
I won’t disrespect your religious beliefs, but thanks for trying to disrespect mine.
It shows me what kind of person you’re.
I’m not sure why you assume that Theology only is a belief in one God? lol.

Don’t come in here asking for respect after all the disrespectful things you’ve said about Democrats in this thread.

Have you read your posts in this thread?

do unto others…

I hope that you’re not butthurt? Part of respect is not being a little baby at certain times, and knowing when to push, and when to let up. If you’re not able to take an insult occasionally about certain things, then ya probably shouldn’t be on here, because it’s a debate website.

I can take it just fine honey boo boo. So, if you’re going to waltz in throwing insults about Democrats then demand respect maybe you should go take a nap.

Damn I’ve missed your memes. Good to see you back Sixfoot.

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