God help us if democrats don't take the house

And God help us if they do.

It’s no win situation for repugs is it?

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That’s not true. Republicans benefit tremendously from the great economy the Dems are responsible for.

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Well God helped us get Trump, so no need to worry about whether God will help us with a Dem house

When the Dems take back the House in 2018 and White House in 2020, republics can go back to pretending they care about debt and overspending. It’ll give them something to do.


Better get that bunker ready.

Why should she care?

She is Canadian and is chilling with that legal weed :call_me_hand:

That’s preemptive excuse making. I’d say most of us don’t let our kids use that tactic.

What the hell is going on with all of this apocalyptic talk from trump supporters today?

They ran out of Trump steaks or trump vdoka?

They know what’s going to happen. Between the mid-terms and whatever Mueller’s got cooking this week of Kavenaugh gloating is going to age really badly.

Another victim thread today? Sorry your feeling stressed.

Will of the people if they win, stupid rednecks don’t know what’s good for them if they don’t. Same old song and dance.

As opposed to the plantation voters.