GOD BLESS TRUMP: Energy Dominance Is a Win for American Consumers

Good on American energy production companies.

Maybe it’s just me but how does exporting benefit american consumers? And how does trump get any credit? Did he deregulate something? Pass some executive orders, find oil?


Trump has deregulated quite a few things. Meaning safety protocols to prevent pollution have been gutted.

BIg business can pollute all they want, “the environment” suffers, and most of the country doesn’t care except the people living in “the environment” where the pollution took place


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If you’re going to contradict someone, saying “wrong” is not enough. In fact it is useless.

Present a link to the facts that prove you are correct.

Or take the info from the link I provided and dispute that.

Except this was a bush era program. Opening up off shore drilling. Made tree huggers hate Bush. Can’t give trump credit.

He doesn’t have facts. He has memes, emojis and emotions.

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We’ve been exporting Crude since before WWII. Mexico has taken as much high sulfur oil as we’d send them in exchange for sweet crude.


Yes Obama finally signed the expansion after six years of arm twisting and refusing and only begrudgingly when he did.


Links are not facts.

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Trump energy secretaries plot next phase of ‘dominance’ agenda

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Buying 'Murican Shale. :sunglasses:

Hey, what do you know…just another trend that Republicans are piggy backing off of

This is the chart from the White House article

Good thing Trump got a silver platter trend handed to him.

That’s only because Trump is so gosh-dang awesome the effects of his policies go forward AND backwards in time!


One Obama tried very hard to make sure never happened.

They lost their battle against fracking and the federal courts forced them to reopen the gulf to exploration after Obama shut it down for over a year.

Sometimes we can succeed in spite of our leaders.

It was the natural gas boom resulting from fraking that allowed this to go forward along with the reopening of the gulf after the Administration was found to be in contempt of the previous order to reopen it.

You folks seem to have very short and/or very selective memories.

No malarky.

Yep no malarkey.

I believe Trump has the power to affect things that happened in the past.

Trump was always a Republican. Reports to the contrary were just fake news.