GOD BLESS TRUMP: Energy Dominance Is a Win for American Consumers

Innovation-Driven Energy Dominance Is a Win for American Consumers
The United States has been a net importer of oil and petroleum products since at least 1949. But, in its most recently released Short-Term Energy Outlook, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that the United States was a net exporter of crude oil and petroleum products in September 2019. EIA also forecasts that the United States will be a net exporter of crude oil and petroleum products for all of 2020.

MY COMMENT: This is Huge, maybe Trumps greatest accomplishment. This would never happen under the green socialist fascist Democrats and their Green nonsense.



It was Obama who repealed the Crude Oil Export Ban…and that’s when those export numbers first started going up…

The U.S. also exports crude oil. President Obama repealed the 40-year old crude oil export ban in 2015, and crude oil exports have soared since. As an aside, the reason the U.S. simultaneously imports and exports crude is that some of what we produce isn’t a good match for our domestic refineries. So we export some domestic crude and import crude that is a better match for our refineries.


Don’t even try to give Obama any credit for this. That is pure fantasy. Obama went out of his way to destroy “big oil”, and coal too.

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Did Obama end the ban on crude oil exports or didn’t he?

I’m also interested to know what your definition of “energy dominance” is.


He could end a ban on Unicorns but that ain’t gonna make any appear. LOL

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I’m glad you know that.

But we are talking about crude oil.

That’s part of the topic you started.

Obama gets the credit for the start of that energy “dominance.”

And you can’t refute that so you talk about unicorns.


Again look at the math. And maybe get better sources of news than the White House’s own propaganda arm.

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Explain some instances where he tried to "destroy " big oil? Coal was already on its death bed


We heard a lot about Obama’s “war on coal” in 2016.

Demand for coal dropped during the Obama Presidency. Despite Trump’s campaign promise to bring coal back, the decline in demand has accelerated under Trump.

I guess one could invest a Trump “war on coal” or one could just understand that in a free market people are substituting cheaper and cleaner fuels for coal and this has nothing to do with who is President.

What is clear however, is that Clinton’s proposals for retraining miners and bringing new industry into coal country would have been much better for the miners than giving them red hats and a phony meme about a “war on coal” that Trump would end.

The data on declining demand for coal are clear… do you have any basis for your claim about Obama hurting coal other than your obvious distaste for President Obama?


Here’s a summary of the dying coal industry:


LOL. Look up crude oil exports under Obama, the rise is undeniable and very significant, continued under Trump.


One of the first onerous business regulations that Trump rescinded, to cheers throughout his fan base, was to allow coal mining companies to dump much higher volumes of toxins into local streams. We keep hearing about all the good Trump’s deregulation has done in general, but no one ever cites a specific example where eliminating a regulation has helped in a measurable way. In this case, it didn’t help… but the streams in coal country carry many more toxins now.

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Oh trust me Terri they’re going to try, it’s like energizer rabid hares who keep beating the Obama drum. :roll_eyes::crazy_face: But you are right Obama had nothing to do with it at and the only legacy he left is toxic.

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No ■■■■ lol. Export ban was lifted in 2015. So of course it’s up. .


Categorically false. Look at the numbers for yourself.


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Boggles the mind!


Cat got yer tongue?

You obviously DON’T work in the energy industry do you


You can thank Canada and Mexico.