GLOVES OFF: Maxine Waters Says Schumer Will Do ‘ANYTHING’ to ‘Protect’ Power | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters didn’t hold back when discussing Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s harsh criticism of her anti-Trump comments over the weekend; saying the leading Democrats were “willing to do anything” to preserve their power.

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Mad Maxi…“willing to do anything to preserve their power…”
Have you looked in the mirror recently, or, even LISTENED to what spews out of your nasty mouth ?
To expand the thought a little…listened to the garbage that roils forth from MOST Democ-RATS ?

President Trump’s efforts are providing positive efforts for most Americans. Snowflakes just complain,
'cause that’s what they do !

MAGA !!! President Trump in 2020

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Just like her and every other criminal Democrap.

Well said The difference between Mad Maxine and Trump: Trump speaks his mind with love, including tough love. Mad Maxine just spews out hatred like a rabid dog.


Demon crap

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All politicians are the same…power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. All politicians are on an ego trip. And the last thing on their minds is you(us)


I will give that a 99.99% approval. Though there is the rare (very) altruistic person who does love this country (like myself) who is willing to die to save America from the Globalist criminals.

No matter where power gathers it almost always corrupts.

I remember when the young kid across the street and I had talks about politics and his decision to become a politician. He started as a clean well meaning young professional. Less than 20 years later he was fired by the people for being corrupt.

The Clinton’s were good at corrupting others, Obama came along as a CIA asset and already “had the dirt” perverting more.

Maxine Waters, the woman who said ‘Anti-Americans are fed up with Trump and Trump policies’, Impeach 45!

I do not consider Maxine to be a firebrand as much as she is a racist. She needs to be removed from Congress.

We need to remove those who behave like they escaped from a lumber yard.