GLOVES OFF: Lindsey Graham Calls James Comey a ‘Rat’ | Sean Hannity

Senator Lindsey Graham wants former FBI director James Comey to testify –again- before Congress after recent revelations regarding the bureau’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server raises serious concerns, saying, “I smell a rat.”

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I do not usually do this, but there has been three Patriots that have kept me from grinding all the enamel off my teeth this past 2 years, and one deserves the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, and hopefully it happens as nobody in WH answers my hand written letters.
The Medal surely should go to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch who was good enough to step in when the Justice Department went into a comma. This youngster is like the Honey Badger of YouTube as he just don’t care.He just keeps on using and now he has hit paydirt. Come on CIC.
The second is Sean who just keeps me happy just tearing folks up on his show and you can tell he would be a great next neighbor and he would not call me up at night because my dog took a dump in his yard. Well, Maybe he wouldn’t.
The third is Lou Dobbs who I listen to each night. I love when he gets mad as he does not know how to do it properly and he should have plates to throw. All kidding aside, these men love their country as I do, but these are rarities on television. Good people that all are smart as a tack,but think he should have that woman Ocasio Cortez on weekly.
Good job guys and this will be the last time I will fluff you up, as that’s kinda girly.