Global warming is real

PS: I cut my teeth on Richard Foster Flint’s “Glacial and Pleistocene Geology.” The frontispiece was an iconic photograph of Mt. Huntington taken by Bradford Washburn.

Yup, seasonal weather is now proof of man-made climate change; weather is now attributed as climate change.

In fact, any increase in global temperatures from 1850 to the present is just more proof of man-made-global-warming-climate-change. The climate temps were supposed to freeze in time at around 1850, and never deviate.


Yes after 1850! We can’t just go around considering that the Little Ice Age ended right around then. :wink:

Funny how temps might increase after a little ice-age. We should still be living in the LIA if not for fossil fuels and cattle and dairy farmers

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Yes, they have increased.


In that case, thank God for global warming! Please burn some extra carbon to stay warm tonight. :wink:

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Yeah we could use a little more global “warming” ourself.

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So what math did you learn as a graduate student that you didn’t learn as an under graduate?

The Military tries to plan for every contingency.

Yet they come to Alaska and train extensively every winter.

Sea levels do not change rapidly enough to be of concern militarily.

I took Applied Numerical Methods.

I will also add that although I didn’t take a specific class in it, as part of my research I did learn about fractional derivatives and a heck of a lot more on statistics beyond the required standard sophomore level Stats class.

Logical consistency.

Well that explains it. I took applied numerical methods as a Senior.

There is no contradiction there. Sea level does not change fast enough to be a contingency.

Cool! It isn’t required for engineers.

It was for me. My degree is in Civil Engineering. Numerical Methods was a curriculum course.

Yet the DoD says otherwise.

I wish someone with the skills would put together a piece on what life would be like today if we returned to the climatic and weather patterns of the pre industrial era.

Even a map way say overlays of peak highs and lows, snowfall, rainfall, number of days with snowcover and showing the elevation differentials of temperatures and snow cover would be eye opening.

Then overlay that with a map showing where food is now grown.

There’s a reason the human population expands dramatically during warm periods and contracts even more dramatically during extended cold periods.

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According to temperature fabrications that can’t possibly be accurate enough to show a .5 degree temperature difference.