Global warming is real


It is easy to criticize things you do not understand.


So you believe in a global conspiracy to suppress the truth. Ok. I must say this is a bit of a surprise. Didn’t realize you were the type.


I understand it completely. Show where I’m wrong with those statements if you can.

I’ll be waiting.


I believe there’s a well funded conspiracy to spread a lie and that lie is AGW/Climate change theory.

The evidence shows that to be true.



Sure it does. It’s all a conspiracy.


When you can produce the temperature data I asked for before you ran from the thread get back to me.


If only we assessed other variables.


It takes a pretty serious sense of entitlement to demand I fetch data for you before engaging any further. If you have a point and want to use data to back it up, then that’s your job to produce it. Not mine.


You fully understand the specific temperature reconstruction? Methods, assumptions, limitations…?


98% of climate scientists don’t believe that volcanoes can melt ice. :wink:




To what? How to detect sarcasm? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure if that will help me understand your posts.


There are some less honest posters that would hope that post would slip by unnoticed.
Not that you would do that, but some posters would.


Funny you mention that.

I noticed when I replied I had hit the ‘reply’ at the end of the thread instead of Samm’s ‘reply’ button.

I figured Samm would figure it out, and I was right.

No harm, no foul, no ulterior motive but make something of it if you must.


It’s your job to support the theory you claim to support with the data.

The fact is, we both know you can’t produce it because it doesn’t exist.


I did and have backed it up. I just didn’t produce evidence confirming the narrow minded overly simplistic means you were requesting.

And just out of curiosity, do you apply the same requirement to your own arguments?


Horse hockey, you have not and you can’t and we both know it.

The data simply doesn’t exist which is the whole point.

In order to prove the earth has warmed by X degrees over Y period of time you have to produce the actual data to do so and it doesn’t exist.


I posted it in another thread I believe. Within the last 24 hours. In direct reply to you. I don’t know if you saw it or not.

There’s far more data than you could ever imagine.


Your inability to understand is not my problem.