Global warming is real


What facts have been provided that support the site is 75,000 years old?

Name one. Or am I the only one expected to do so?


Here you go.


Your source for your claim, Michael Tellinger, is a flat earther.

And I’m supposed to dispute his “findings”.


There’s not an actual fact there disputing anything with respect to either the age of the site or what it is.

Thank you for your contribution.


You have yet to post a single fact supporting your assertion that it’s 75,000 years old.



When you have an actual fact to dispute the date produce it. Till then I’ll just keep laughing.


I keep finding new tidbits from your expert on the matter.

Did you know that sound is used to make things invisible? Post a fact disputing that if you want.

Just reminding you that you haven’t posted a single fact supporting your assertion but demand everyone else do so. Why do you hold others to a different standard than yourself?


Here you go.

No legitimate dating methods have been used at the site, which they claim to be between 25,000 and 260,000 years old


That’s not a fact, it’s a statement with no source or attribution to any authority whatsoever.


Just like your statement that the site is 75,000 years old?

Yes. Just like that statement.


Just like yours.


I doubt we see @Wildrose acknowledge this.


Provide evidence please. Do it.


This is a sad thread


Tellinger is an authority?


Authority or not, crackpot or not he’s the original source and with all the flailing and gesticulations none of you internet experts can come up with an actual fact to challenge his dating.


How come everyone else needs to cite facts and you get to cite crackpots?

Seems like a double standard.


What is the value in having an original source from a crackpot?


Watching you folks writhe and wriggle in your inability to come up with even a single fact to refute his supposed crackpot position is epically entertaining.

The entertainment value alone is off the charts.


I did…