Global warming is real


You produced absolutely nothing.


I produced just as much as you have.


Cut out the childish crap, you’ve produced absolutely noting and we both know it.


You produced a guy that says your right
I produced a guy that says your wrong


No I produced the source of the original claim. It had nothing to do with me being right or wrong about anything other than mentioning the site and it’s proposed age.

You folks want to argue the proposed age is incorrect so it’s up to you to show that it is.


He has produced no evidence that its correct.


And you can produce none to show it incorrect.


Don’t have to, the burden is on him.


Horse hockey, you make the claim it’s up to you to support it.


You made the claim that the site is 75,000 years old and have provided no evidence for that claim.

Not a single fact.

Just the word of a nutter.

You made a claim, you have to support it.


Have you found one fact based upon which you can challenge the date yet?

If so produce it.


No. Have you found one fact to support the date? Again, no.

Let’s make this real simple.

I don’t know how old the site is. You don’t know. Michael Tellinger definitely doesn’t know.

Is that fair? I think so.


You finally admitted it, Congratulations.

Now your obsession of the last two months can be put to rest.

I have no idea if he can prove it or not, I’m not going to sit through one of his idiotic lectures listening to all the Alien BS to get to that part of a presentation.

It’s just one of many similar ancient sites around the world that all point to a rather consistent orbit over the last 50-75k years or that where we may have had some significant changes, it returns pretty well to the same predicted and predictable path.

For whatever reason though you had to have have a multi month meltdown over it trolling the topic from thread to thread where I wasn’t even participating.

I’m not the one with issues here.


Admitted what?

You were the one claiming the site is 75,000 years old which remains completely unsubstantiated. It’s not out to rest until you admit this is entirely made up.

Are you going to do it?


I have no poof either way nor do you. I have never made any claims to the contrary.


The fact that there is no proof the date is correct, until you can provide some your screwed.


So you admit that there is no proof that its true, FINALLY!


I never made any claim that there was.


You have less than “no proof”. You have absolutely zero evidence whatsoever.

Which means your initial claim was fraudulent.


Cite a single post in this entire inane rant of yours where I have ever sated the date had bee absolutely established or even anything similar.