Global warming is real


We have only been capable of detecting such a perturbation for a couple of hundred years at best. Its not the least bit surprising that we haven’t done so.


The multiple object impact theory is gaining more and more acceptance and the three of them certainly would have had a measurable effect had they passed nearby.


Samm, the moon formed from a collision 4 billion years ago. We are talking about much more recent history. 4 billion years ago the solar system was a chaotic place. Now, not so much.


Yet we’ve had interstellar objects enter our solar system recently as the links provided previously showed.

We also have long period objects passing through as demonstrated in others.

We’ve even had a rogue star pass through our solar system in the past as again, demonstrated previously with the supplied links.


Yes, the orbit has been relatively stable because any near Earth object has had a relatively zero effect.

Remember, we are talking about some of the most minute variations.


It doesn’t matter when it happened. If another object that size came by (from who knows were … there are lots of object out there that roam about the Galaxy) but did not collide, it most certainly would have an effect on our orbit.


Once again you have no basis at all for such a statement.


It matters to the conversation when it happened.


Your entire argument is based on an assumption that a change happened and the change magically reversed.

And your evidence of this sequence of events is that there is no evidence for it.

You see how completely baseless your argument is?


The evidence is that in spite of all of the NEO’s that have been recorded we know that the earth over the long term continually returns to a very predicable orbit as can be verified through observation and and records.


no, there is disagreement between the experts and political pundits and those that profit from denying climate change, like fossil fuel corps.


There is also disagreement between “experts”.


There are those that profit from pushing the climate change narrative. Al Gore is a classic example. He has netted millions preaching this crap, while likely having one of the largest private carbon footprints on the planet. What I find to be particularly bizarre is that LIBs don’t see any problem with this hypocritical piece of trash.


Yes and the explanation for that fact is that the NEOs have no measurable effect on our orbit. Certainly not anywhere close to measurable by ancient stone formations.


Which again you have absolutely no basis in fact for making such a claim.


And what exactly is the basis for your alternate explanation? That there have been measurable effects that have returned to a “normal”?


I haven’t claimed that we’ve been able to measure the effect of any of the historical NEO’s.

You keep making the claim that none of them could have affected our orbit which is utterly baseless since you can’t demonstrate what effect any of them have had much less all of them.


not much. Virtually all agree man is effecting climate change.


Your entire argument rests on that being the case.

I’ve ony said repeatedly that any such affect would be real and extremely, extremely tiny. Almost impossible, if not actually impossible to measure.


“virually”? You have a poll of every expert on the subject you can present?