Global warming is real


It is hard to follow, isn’t it?


Cite a post in which I have said we’re entering a new ice age.

Cite any post in which I have said there is no warming.

Either that or admit you’re just making things up again.

The climate has not been constant for any significant period of time for around 4 BN years.

It is, has been, and always will be in a state of change.


It sure seems like you did in the post below.


No, it doesn’t resemble such a claim in any way.

You’re still making it up as you go along.


Are you serious? I don’t think you understand anything about orbits.

The only thing needed to maintain our orbit and prevent is from crashing into the sun is for us to maintain our velocity. Good thing that isn’t going to happen.


Ahh, have you now invented a perpetual motion machine?

Velocity is not a constant in any orbit, never has been.


Perpetual motion?

No. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. See! Simple physics.

What is altering our planet’s velocity exactly?


They stay tend to stay in motion only until acted on by an outside force.

What alters the velocity of any object in orbit is acceleration/ deceleration due to gravity.


And you think the Sun’s gravity is going to be slowing us down how?


Gravity is omni directional. We accelerate towards the sun and slow as we move away from it.

If we did not slow down while moving away we’d never return, we’d just continue on into interstellar space.


I guess we have to be a little more sophisticated.

Angular momentum is preserved, however, which is why a planet doesn’t mysteriously crash into the Sun.

The angular momentum of our planet was imparted to us by the planetary disc that formed us. At all points in our orbit we have the same angular momentum which maintains the stable orbit. It doesn’t require any external forces to do so.

An object on an elliptical orbit does slow down at aphelion and speeds up as it approaches the perihelion. But this merely a reflection of the shifting from high kinetic, low potential to high potential low kindetic energy. The only way to change an orbit is to alter the angular momentum of the object, which isn’t happening as the object orbits the Sun.


No, all you need is a basic understanding of the subject matter which apparently you lack.

Without gravity slowing our race away from the sun we would escape it’s pull and continue forever into space. It is gravity that preserves the angular momentum. Without it, there would be no orbit at all.

The “disc” coalesced because of gravity to begin with, without it everything in what is now our solar system would a have simply floated way into space.

Space is not devoid of matter either, the closer you get to any object with a significant gravitational force the more matter is collected around it.

Space is not free of other external forces either, all matter has gravity, all matter causes resistance to moving objects.


You really need to read what I actually write. Yes. I know gravity keeps things in orbit. Duh.

You claimed that without other planets, we would be pulled into the sun. Why? I don’t know. You don’t really explain it, mostly because it’s not able to be explained because it’s nonsense. Something that the Sun’s gravity would suck us in or something. I don’t really know. You need to explain this theory a little more.

Nothing in your little link contradicts anything I’ve said.


I explained it but it appears you still lack a very basic level of understanding of the subject.

It’s called gravity. The gravitational effect of the planets is also omni directional. The giants are pulling us away from the sun as the sun pulls us towards it.

It’s already been demonstrated many times that they have a significant effect on the rest of the planets and you yourself went to great lengths in many posts in this thread extolling their effects right up until the point at which it no longer supported your claims.

Intellectual honesty is something you run constantly short of particularly in this topic.


So now you’re going to deny what you so obviously wrote as anyone can see below.

You’re clearly calling out an Ice Age. You’re the one that need’s to stop making ■■■■ up.


So how much closer would we get to the sun if it weren’t for Saturn and Jupiter?

Give me a number. Our average orbit right now is about 150 million miles from the sun.


The average distance from the earth to the sun is 92-97m miles.

Without a supercomputer and the modeling software I have no way to calculate the difference absent the giants.


Sorry, I put down kilometers.

Seems like you were saying we’d be pulled into the sun without other planets. No?

You managed to make this claim without a super computer. Did you just pull that one out your rear?


Without the required equipment there is no way to calculate the rate of decay over time.

Not being able to calculate it to a certainty doesn’t change the outcome.

I can tell you for a certainty that a projectile launched on a flat trajectory will hit the ground at the same time as one being dropped from the same height, without doing the calculation however I can’t tell you how far the first will travel in that time.

What I know for a certainty though is that gravity is working on both of them with the same force.


No, there won’t be a rate of decay.

Because angular momentum is preserved. These are the most basic rules of physics that you apparently don’t understand at all.