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Angular momentum is only preserved in the absence of other forces. The closer you get to the sun the more resistance there is due to the collection of matter and solar ejecta.


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No. Angular momentum IS ALWAYS PRESERVED at all times throughout the universe. It’s a fundamental law.

Solar “ejecta” provides almost infantesimal resistance to the planet at any distance other than extremely close. Radiation pressure cancels it out.

To increase the size of an orbit, you have to increase the objects angular momentum. That means something else’s angular momentum has to go down. That’s what it means to conserve angular momentum. If you think Jupiter pulls us farther from the sun, that means we pull it closer to the sun. Which means eventually we would have crashed into each other.

Which we haven’t, obviously.


You didn’t give an answer. You just said I was wrong and left.


You’re just making things up again.

Gravity works in both directions. The sun pulls on both of us, both of us pull on each other and the sun.

A change in the angular momentum of one planet will not have an equal and opposite effect on the other because of all the other factors involved including the changing distances and angles from one another.

The position of the planets also dictates how strong the effects are on each other as well as the distance from each to the sun affecting the influence of gravity on them.

The close two objects are, the greater the gravitational attraction, the further the less.

With every variation in angle and distance the effects of gravity vary.


Not true. This contradicts the very fundamentals of physics. Increase the angular momentum of one object, you decrease the angular momentum of another object by an equal amount. That’s literally the definition of conservation.

You’re just making stuff up because you don’t know what you’re talking about which is why you keep repeating simplistic facts as if they’re some sort of amazing insights.


You’re just making it up again. Angular momentum can only be preserved in the absence of changes to outside forces influencing it.

Basic physics Donen’t change just because we’re talking bout space.

Change the forces acting on any orbiting body and the orbital momentum is going to change as well, it’s basic physics.


No, angular momentum of a system is always conserved. The planets are part of the system. An increase in one planet results in a decrease in another.

For example, a gravity assist used to get a probe into a more distant orbit robs a tiny bit of momentum from the planet it’s getting the assist from. The satellite speeds up, the planet slows down.

If you think Jupiter is keeping us from spiraling towards the Sun, you don’t know the first thing about how orbits work.


No, the tension in the guitar string vibrating in a vacuum increases as it’s length increases while it vibrates to either side of a perfectly straight line. Why it eventually stops vibrating is because the friction within the string slowly reduces the amplitude of the vibration and it stabilizes at a straight line at its minimum tension. There is no friction or tension on the orbit of one mass around another in space.


You were wrong, that’s why I moved on.

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No, I was right. You declared so then decided you didn’t need to substantiate your declaration and moved on.

Maybe some day you’ll come back and actually debate. Who knows.


This is laughable. You just admitted that the probe has an effect on the planet while claiming other objects interacting with it do not.

You just confirmed exactly what I said above.

The angular momentum changes with any change in gravity or velocity.


Once the tension added by plucking it is released the tension returns to it’s pre plucked state.

Without that tension it would not reduce it’s amplitude with each subsequent vibration.


To illustrate how conservation of momentum works, which apparently you don’t understand.

I’ll say this one more time, if you think Jupiter is keeping us from spiraling into the sun, that means we are sucking Jupiter closer to the earth because momentum has to be preserved.

That’s not happening.

The angular momentum of an object can change but the momentum of the system doesn’t. With each action, there is an opposite reaction.


The distance between the earth and jupiter is not a constant, nor did I ever state that in it’s absence we’d be sucked into the sun.

Quit making dishonest assertions as to what I have stated.

Remove Jupiter alone and we would be closer to the sun, that doesn’t mean we’d necessaryily be sucked into it.

Jupiter also has it’s anchors, namely Saturn and Neptune so the the ability of the earth to cause any significant change in it’s average distance to the sun is minuscule due to our mass and distance.

Our orbit would decay at some rate absent Jupiter until equilibrium was again achieved at some distance from the sun closer than we are now.


At least I moved on. You’re obsessed.


If there is an equal and opposite reaction the momentum of every object in the system would change with the change in one.


And yet you’re still here, accusing me of not staying on topic. There’s only so much I can do Samm, when people keep bailing.


Not quite. If it were a frictionless string vibrating in a vacuum its momentum would cause it to vibrate forever. It is the friction that causes it to return to its lowest energy state.

But my point was, there is no tension in the orbit of a mass around a star.