Glitch while writing

Sometimes I’m writing and the site refreshes it self erasing a few sentences…

There’s a thread on this below with >100 replies- “the auto refresh”

Does that mean I can turn it off in settings?

Unfortunately no there is not a way to turn it off from the user side. It will need to be fixed by an admin.

The only way to turn off the refresh is to log off.

People want power, not responsibility. lol


People have traced it to an ad system here, but the people who have access/control have to actually care.

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It’s like using Windows 95 again. Ugh.


On a Pentium computer, with a corrupted root drive.

It’s like getting the blue screen of death every 5 minutes.

Or my old Gateway with 16 MB of ram.

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You guys laugh all you want, but I remember the time Windows 95 was the ■■■■■ I remember a coworker in the early '90s singing the praises of his 486 machine with Windows 3.1. You were super awesome if you could afford the second landline for your dial-up service.

It was cool at the time, you force me to admit it lol. Back when 28,000k was blazing fast.