Giuliani probe snowballs - Rudy is serious legal jeopardy

Giuliani is looking for a defense attorney and now reports the probe has expanded. Notice how quiet Rudy has been in the last week.

The good news is - Trump still has a little over a year left in office. If prosecution should happen before then, a pardon will likely be waiting for him.

Let justice follow the path of truth…where ever it goes and may the laws be applied equally to all.

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Rudy might want to consider not carrying a cell phone for a while…


Blowing doors off safes, sounds like some serious investigating…

Hes gonna get a pardon…

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The path of truth appears to be through Rudy’s butt. :rofl:


I think a pardon won’t apply if it’s a state conviction .



I’ll bet you crack yourself up? :sunglasses:

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Guiliani is for real Barry Zuckerkorn from Arrested Development


Why are Trump’s lawyers constantly hiring their own lawyers ? :thinking: :smile:

It wont…federal he will…

Not as much as this clown. :sunglasses:

Nothing like helping convict yourself and then ending up as parody rap…

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I probably should have put quotation marks around the word “crack”? You’re too serious on a Friday. :sunglasses::tumbler_glass:

On another note…libs have lost ALL credibility when it comes to accusations. You haven’t been right in years.

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Yep. Rudy looks for corruption wherever he goes. Never turn your back on opportunity.

And he seems to find it, doesn’t he?

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Don’t forget we still have that little wager (non monetary) going on.