Giuliani accidentally tweets link to anti-Trump website - blames Twitter for engaging in a conspiracy against him

They could easily check if it is an existing active domain.

Oh my gosh, can’t stop laughing.

Rudy needed to fix his own damn tweet.

so it’s their responsibility that Rudy made an error in typing and now you want Twitter to have the authority and ability to edit someones tweet after they tweet it.

That’s the party of personal responsibility in action!


The code would be simple…,

So you think Twitter needs to babysit Rudy’s tweets?

Rudy needs an adult!

As if it would need a person…

…to edit a tweet after a user has written it and submitted it.

do you have any idea what you’re stepping into?

To confirm it is an active and valid domain to generate a link and not just a mistype. Duh.

Deep State. It was obvious to me that in the end we had evidence that the Democrats and Robert Muller had finally tried to destroy the presidential position of Donald J. Trump. Rudi Giuliani is a good person, he will never accidentally do something like this foul, so this will allow me to publish an angry tweet about him. I usually dismiss him, and not think about it. No more. The New York Times is a traitor to our country. Right. Each of New York is a traitor to our country.

So Twitter needs to provide a digital babysitter for Old Man Rudy? Lol.

You have digital babysitters all around you.

and it was an active link. Are they supposed to monitor what Rudy is linking to?

It was made after, keep up.

Maybe Rudy needs to hand over his Twitter account to a babysitter he pays.

Why is Twitter making links to fake websites that Donald Trump never intends to be? This is Deep State. I demand people be held responsible.

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Trumpers arguing that Twitter should have edited his post :rofl:

Comedy gold


This isn’t funny.

Twitter edits everyone’s posts! This is what happens every day. If Twitter doesn’t edit the President’s posts when they edit every other post, this is evidence of election tampering.