Giuliani accidentally tweets link to anti-Trump website - blames Twitter for engaging in a conspiracy against him

More brilliance from the most incompetent administration in history.

Rudy took to Twitter over the weekend to attack Robert Mueller for handing out indictments as Trump was heading for the G-20 summit. He was too lazy to spend the time on correct punctuation however, and ended up creating a hyperlink. Someone noticed the error, bought the URL in question, which then led to Giuliani’s tweet linking to a website that simply said “Donald Trump is a traitor to our country.”

No doubt taking a cue from his boss, a man not exactly inclined to admit a mistake when he makes one, Giuliani instead went on to attack Twitter. He insinuated they somehow gave an outside party access to his initial tweet. Another shining example from the party of personal responsibility.

Lol it was up for days. What a lunatic.


Twitter should have fixed it…,

Did some 9/11 debris fall on his head causing a slow growing insanity causing brain tumor?

Lol they don’t “fix” tweets. He’s an old maroon who should stay off Twitter.

They can make it not be a hyperlink… give me a break.

He made it a link. Twitter doesn’t edit people’s posts. That’s not their job.

and how would they do this?

It’s not a hyperlink until twitter generates the tweet…

Rudy made it a hyperlink. It’s not twitter’s job to fix his mistake.

FYI, they own anything posted there, read the small print.

so they should disable the hyperlink function? or should they hire someone to monitor Rudy’s tweets and correct his errors?

Now you want Twitter to proofread everyone’s Tweets???

Oh man, I can’t stop laughing.


It is not in the window he typed in.

Supervision please!

If a user is too stupid to know how to make hyperlinks work, it’s the job of the platform to save the user from maker a fool of himself.

Maybe we should expect one of the President’s top lawyers to be able to release a competent statement.

again, should they disable the hyperlink function or have someone dedicated to monitoring Rudy’s errors in his tweets?


Rudy got his!

They knew it was there when it went viral, the globalists loved it.