Gina Haspel sought to withdraw nomination

Washington (CNN)Gina Haspel offered to withdraw her nomination as President Donald Trump’s pick to head the CIA on Friday after some White House officials raised concerns with her about her ability to get confirmed, several sources familiar with the nomination have told CNN.

During the meeting, Haspel offered to withdraw if that would help the situation, two of the sources said.
Later that day White House legislative affairs director Marc Short and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders went to CIA headquarters in Virginia to talk to Haspel, two of the sources said. Eventually the tension seemed to ease, and as of now her nomination stands, the sources said.
Haspel faces a Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday. Her nomination would be in jeopardy only if she loses the support of Republicans, who hold a slim 51-49 seat majority in the Senate.
Two sources said Haspel participated in a practice session Friday – called a “murder board” – to prepare for the hearing, a sign the nomination was moving forward.

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Not buying it. No way anyone so invested in evil does not lust after leading the CIA

The same party that nominated Geraldine Ferraro for VP in '84, and Hillary for president in '16? We can disagree with Dems all we want, but the misogynistic argument doesn’t hold water.

Is their opposition to Haspel partisan and petty? Absolutely.

how is it partisan and petty? she ran a torture site… come on man

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