Georgia SOS office investigating Trump phone call

Georgia’s SOS is investigating Trump’s phone call to Raffensperger about finding missing votes. The Fulton County DA is expected to make an announcement on their findings by the end of the month.

Will Georgia beat New York to the punch.and be the first state to file criminal charges against Trump.

I bet that rock ribbed Republican has an extensive security detail to keep all those Republicans from trying to do him harm when this comes out.

You know, I was a bit hesitant to vote for Raffensperger in 2018 because I thought he was going to be a Trump lackey. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and will be proud to vote for him in 2022.

Same with Brian Kemp.

Oh no!!

Let us know how it turns out.

They got him this time.

We already “got” him on November 3rd. His only relevance now is that of a lead weight taking others in the party down with him.



Hint to Trump Attorney’s, get paid up front.


Kemp v Abrams rematch.

Battle of the Titans.

Either way Georgia wins.


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Here is the transcript and audio of the phone call for those interested in all of the conversation, not just CNN’s cherry picked lines and their commentary.

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I have never seen so many forces, united, corroborating and coordinating…all having the same goal…to have Trump removed from office and yet, in spite of all of this, he still accomplished so much for the good of the country. I really do hate to say this but I dislike my government even more today, than in decades prior. There are forces with in, that are pure evil.


you can tell how much govt doesnt give a damn about governing when they obsesses and waste time/money over presidents who left office


Right? I know a former president who spent practically his entire term obsessing over his immediate predecessor.


yeah the occasional mean tweet.

will we ever heal?

Now, compare that to a president to incites a mob to lay siege to the Capitol Building over false claims of a “stolen election” and it will be fairly easy to see why people are so ticked off.

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That…was a superb regurgibleat. Nicely done. The shepherds are proud.

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sorry. im not programmable by the “media for idiots” in that i realize he didnt incite crap and i know what went on there for real.

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Yes, I know. We’re not suppose to believe our lying eyes.

A mindless parrot repeating the same tired lines over amd over is better?

What ever you saw from DC on the 6th of January, was NOTHING compared to what you saw in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Portland, Seattle and many other lib controlled cities across the nation and you said NOTHING. This is why I said, you’re simply regurgibleating what you’ve been fed. Now regurgibleat the word your shepherds want you to use to describe the 6th, “insurrection”.