George Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martin's family and others for $100 Million

That would be consistent behavior from Klayman.

■■■■ me. He has Larry Klayman? This has zero chance at success and is ultimately just more media whoring. Zimmerman is a ■■■■■■ and this just confirms it yet again. And Klayman is a hack ■■■■■■■■ artist. They’re made for each other.

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i would love to see a judge dismiss it and make klayman and martin pay any legal expenses for the family


I think he was lucky to dodge a manslaughter conviction (if not murder.) The guy should be keeping his head low, not pasting a giant target on himself.

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How does this guy manage to keep making headlines ?

Because he’s not in jail like he should be.

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Must have hooked up with nunes attorney.

Why? He has nothing to lose. Everybody already knows he is a scumbag, so this won’t hurt him a bit, and who knows, he may actually come out ahead. Stranger things have happened in civil courts.

The Media didn’t have to cover this …

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Sean used to have this guy on frequently didn’t he?

Tell Sean Hannity that. :smile: It’s on his own newsfeed.

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Yeah, I’m sure he picks up news stories from the AP wire and Networks. The point is, this is news because the Media made it news.

Don’t know; don’t particularly listen to Sean.

Of course it’s news.

Zimmerman is a hero to many on the right.

That’s why Klayman is representing him. That’s why Joel Gilbert made a movie for him.

That’s why someone paid him a quarter of a million dollars to buy the gun that killed Trayvon.

You guys own him.

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I was only responding to W_and_C’s comment. Talk to him about it being news.

His lazy good for nothing ass is probably broke and of course he’s missing the attention. Another example of a perp playing victim. To hell with him.

Geez, talk about circling the drain. lol

Because you’d be cool being slandered by the family of the criminal that nearly killed you?

Gross comment.


It all equals out. Zimmerman actually killed someone so we all know in conservative circles his tough man credentials have been established.

I am sure you and otherw who support zimmerman will be donating to his legal costs or even just his everyday living expenses.