Gender Survey at UCB

Got a laugh from this survey on another site. Found it interesting that even with ideas like 72 genders & gender being an artificial constuct, nobody self identified as any of the 72 but male & female.

The more appropriate place to conduct interviews is probably going to be the lgbt club or an association in town.

So interview them and ask:

Q1-How many genders are there
Q2-What gender are you
Q3-How do you know?
Q4-Is man made global warming real?
Q5-How do you know?
Q6-What should people do to stop the spread of Covid?
Q7-How do you know?



It’s just ridiculous.

Unconsciously and cosmically people pick their birth. Some flip flop, just like they flip-flop on everything in the reactive mind. What’s your favorite chewing gum?

If a person flip-flops on everything in their mind they should practice singlemindedness.

If a person cannot be content, they have more to worry about then they know.

The problem has to do with their split mind. They could spend their life wanting things to be a certain way, then get what they want, in a next life–then the cosmic joke is on them, and they still flip-flop. It;s cause and effect. That’s the defect carried from life to life. And they have no idea that’s what is happening and if told can’t believe it.

There are people wanting to be dogs and cats but then, they don’t like kibble.

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I thought UCB was University of Canadian Bacon.


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