Gay man refused service at store


Hey congratulations. You finally got one right. This story is ■■■■■■■■. Good job.



Finally gettin’ it.


Strakas tweets.


Search your souls libs. Or that black hole where your souls used to be.


I’ve read his tweets - I see no timeline there.

Did you read the interview he gave?


Just like Russian collusion…


You’re looking for an actual drawn line aren’t you?

Search your soul.



Search my soul for what?

Why so emotional?


Search for your soul is probably more accurate.

I’m not emotional.


He is refusing to admit his error that the clerk passed the guy off because he didn’t want to hear his rant.


And yet, here you are - clutching your pearls and implying anyone who disagrees with you has no soul.

Not emotional at all. Of course.


Boy you’ll do anything to dodge responsibility.


No he’s not. The error is not his. It’s yours.

Is it ok for me to “pass off” a customer because he’s holding hand with another man?



But it’s also a completely false analogy to what actually happened, which you know.


It’s been posted several times yet you seem oblivious.

when he tried to explain what #WalkAway was, the employee was not interested in having a conversation

It had nothing to do with his orientation or preference in mates or whatever. You are just wrong and that’s all there is to it.


Disagrees with me? :rofl:

I say they can kick him out of the store because he’s homosexual. Or not let him in at all.

You’re disagree with your own claimed morality


As an employee of a store, is one obligated to listen to political rants by customers?


Because you’re using it for alt right.


Because you’re using it for alt right.



You don’t get to play both sides. Either I’m soulless, or you’re all about “freedom”.

You don’t know what my “claimed morality” is, let alone how it would apply here.