GAME OVER: NFL Team WON’T HIRE Free-Agents Who KNEEL During Anthem | Sean Hannity

At least one NFL team is putting its foot-down after an entire season of professional athletes choosing to “take a knee” during the performance of the US national anthem; intentionally avoiding free-agents who disrespected the American flag.

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What a stupid reason to keep potentially good talent off your professional sports team. My guess is the Houston Texans will lose the opportunity for good free agents who decide they want nothing to do with an organization that puts politics over winning football games.


If I’m a Texan fan, and my team needed an inside linebacker who had the speed to get past the line and sack the QB, and he wasn’t signed because he quietly kneels for 2 minutes, I’m finding a new team that wants to win.

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Putting its foot down?

Sounds more to me like they are stamping their petulant foot and taking their ball and going home.

Hey. More power to them. If they want to pass up talented players just because the players wish to see justice done for all Americans, let them behave like the ignorant schmucks they are proving to be.

It is their money.

Let them be stupid.

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I think the NFL should keep on listening to people who don’t watch the games or buy the tickets.

Sounds like a good business plan to me.

LoL yep.:slight_smile: