FY 2024 appropriations process


Link is to the official Congressional Research Service appropriations status table.

At this point, the House has only passed the Military Construction-Veterans Affairs Appropriation Bill, on July 27.

Commerce-Justice-Science and Labor-HHS-Education have not even passed out of committee yet in the House.

By custom, the House acts first and the Senate amends and then they go to conference to hash out a final product.

But the House has only passed 1 of 12 appropriations bills and FY 2024 starts on October 1st.

So it is likely we will be going to continuing resolutions and eventually an omnibus.

This is the likely outcome but not before a government shutdown takes place.

Unfortunately, government shutdowns are very likely and of course are wasteful.

Lookie, McCarthy is completely dumbfounded by his do-nothing cohort of chaos agents who are completely uninterested in doing the work of the people :clown_face:

"Jamie Dupree
McCarthy sums up his GOP spending bill dilemma

“If you’re not willing to pass appropriations bills, and you’re not willing to pass a continuing resolution to allow you to pass the rest of the appropriation bills, and you don’t want an Omnibus, I don’t quite know what you want.”"

its a complete ■■■■■■■■■ the republicans dont know how to be the majority party in house.

party in chaos.

shutdown assured.


Sure hope a shutdown doesn’t slow up the J6 prosecutions or impact border security.

That would be horrible.



Is there a bigger loser than Kevin?

"NBC News confirms: Kevin McCarthy just punted plans to tee up a vote on the GOP’s short-term spending plan later this week.

McCarthy is now left without a viable plan to fund the goverment, with just 12 days left to avoid a shutdown."

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In a literal sense McCarthy is the loser.

In a metaphorical sense, the handful of turds that are deliberately sabotaging any chance at compromise are the real losers.

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Arson is now just a positive good, independent of any goal.

Some do. And some don’t. McCarthy has had eight months to line up the single issue spending bills needed to fund essential federal services. He has wasted those eight months trying to manoeuvre the Republican caucus into status quo, uniparty, RINO compromise with the socialists’ agenda. I hope there is some MAGA minded congressperson willing to run against him for House Speaker on a platform of preparing giscally responsible single issue spending bills and advancing them to the senate well in advance of mandatory deadlines.

I am having a hard time seeing a down side here.

Government spending has become a monster to liberty.

Since Gingrich, more and more functions of government have been deemed “essential” (thanks, liberals!). As a result, people certainly experience inconveniences and problems (e.g., with the park service), but it’s just the right amount to blame the Democratic president while causing no real problems for Republican constituencies. It’s a double-win for the GOP: shut-down/tedium/gridlock, but also the lingering feeling that the conservative thesis is correct: “Hey, who needs government?”

If these ■■■■■■■■ got serious about actually shutting the government down—like, how about we shutter the FAA and close the airports—I don’t think we’d see this same level of indifference and self-satisfaction. It’s easy to say, “See? The government is irrelevant!” when all its major functions that you depend on it for are still working.


If you remember… the 2019 shutdown ended when air traffic control started to break down because people stopped coming to work because they weren’t being paid.




I hope there are unicorns and elves in this world too :purple_heart:



McCarthy just as responsible as any of them—probably more so, as I’ve usually given him the benefit of knowing better.

Is there anyone stupider than Kevin?

Marg, I bet you remember that best selling book about “The Young Guns” and the new brand of “young conservatives” lolololololololololololololol.

A few months ago Kevin thought he was the victor standing on the bodies of those who failed before him.

And now here he is. The biggest fail of all the Young Guns.

Thank for the chuckles, Kev.

The sad(?) irony of it is that McCarthy set himself up to fail. He knew this caucus was ungovernable, interested only in grievance and vengeance.

You people do see the inflation this nearly unlimited spending is causing right? Inflation hurts the poor the most.


The entire russian collusion farce was about grievance and vengeance. Your side wallowed in the lies…


Pelosi, Ryan, Boehner…i dont remember them ever losing a rule vote… ill have to go dig a bit to see if Gingrich did

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