Fweedom Harris and Memorial Day - She gets It

Lovely tweet from your VP showing she really understands the meaning of Memorial Day.

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I’ve seen hella outrage from conservatives about this today :triumph:

Here’s one:

Yeah, I don’t care about Greene. She’s a mouthy Karen. A freshman rep with no power.

Fweedom is one step away from CINC.


I just gave that as an example cause she’s one of few people I follow on Twitter. Many others are outraged about Kamala’s long weekend wishes.

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You follow Greene?

Yup (what’s w/ the 5 character limit, sometimes a guy just wants to say “yup” and leave it at that)

Good Lord why? Entertainment?

She’s really good. Conservative firebrand who sticks to her guns and not afraid to throw punches. But I follow people of all sorts of different persuasions. Case in point, I also follow Michael Moore.

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Hey! I just hope everyone here has a nice long weekend.


Wars have started over less…

I like how fact is capitalized so that I know it is indeed a fact that follows.

Is this worse then kneeling?

Wow. MTG tweets like many of our conservative friends post.

Anything but Harris, huh fellows?


Maybe everybody is off enjoying their long weekend?

The fellows who have posted, including you.

One of these days, one of my stupid jokes isn’t gonna be a flop with you.

Anyway, what do you mean by “anything but Harris”?

Make the thread about anything but Fweedom. Greene, kneeling.


Between Fweedom and reading the outrage tweets in response I don’t feel like there’s much to say. Will she have a canned political tweet on Monday? Will that matter? That tweet is something a teacher would say before their class is dismissed. Not very VP/presidential.


Oh, gotcha.

Yeah, it was a tone deaf tweet.

But in her and our defense, sometimes the Conservative outrage generator just gets tiresome.