FUND THE WALL: Trump Refuses to Back Budget Deal without Border Wall Funding | Sean Hannity

President Trump told congressional leaders Thursday that he will not sign a budget agreement that fails to include funding for his border wall; increasing the likelihood of a partial “government shutdown” heading towards Friday’s deadline.

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We didn’t elected him to bend over to liberal demands. We elected him to stand up to Nancy, Chuck and their ilk, including the spineless Republicans who won’t go against the Democrats. This is OUR country and WE want him to defend it.


KLRS COULDN’T have said it better. I elected you Mr. President to build the wall. Stick to your promises and don’t waffle on this.

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Well said and shame on the progressives for not wanting to protect our country from illegal immigrants.

Many Americans are mature adults, with reasonable degrees of logic. Assuming I am correct- consider this: If not Trump, then Who?!
Write, email, text your congress(person) and demand they cooperate with the President, or resign! If they do not work for you and the nation, why are they in DC? Cooperate or Get Out of DC!!


A comedian with cerebral palsy related remarks from viewers- Look at all your disabilities- and what the F…k have you have accomplished! If not YOU, then WHO??

Somebody needs to explain to the democrats that border security means we have a country and not just a pile of land that we live in. It would seem that the democrats want illegal immigration. Look at what they do not what they say.

Hold your ground Mr. Trump! americans want security and that’s one of the main reasons they voted you in!