From each to each

say that everything is free. well not everything just most things. or say that taxes are 90% which means you work for 10 cents of every dollar. Obviously labor is a part of every cost of goods and services.

so if everything for free then the value of labor is zero. as well as the value of goods is zero except for the cost to make something other than labor.

But to an extreme if government distributes everything to everyone and everything is free then how do we fund government.

will bureaucrats work for free as well? it seems that if everything is free then everything is worthless and therefore nobody will have anything.

this of course is hyperbole not fact because nobody would ever propose anything for free.

What is the purpose of your thought experiment?

No they will not. And they will continue to get the best of everything. Their health insurance will be a thousand times better than yours. Their retirement plan will be a thousand times better than yours. Unless we are getting the exact insurance plan that Nancy Pelosi has, there is no reason to except it.

Robots will.

This is my new religion.


I live in a country with “Free” healthcare.
no one think its “Free” and that it just magically exist.

it is not an experiment. I like the idea of everything being free, then government could not be funded and it would go away

goods, just a typo

If your post was not a thought experiment, what was it?

take Bernie up there.

penicillin was just accidental mold.

though not his point the OP does bring up the underline view on “taxation”.

From a Canadian view point I have no issue with Taxes if they go to benefit society.
American from my experience view taxation as thief and should be limited as much as possible.

I have no issue paying 5,000 in taxes.
if that money goes to help the poor, sick, disabled, etc.

American would rather they get that 5,000 back so they can spend it how they wish.

As I do not subscribe to the “Labor Theory of Value”, that kind of ditches any point this thread might have made with me. :smile:

the logical conclusion of socialism, or maybe you can explain the distribution of profits when everything is free.