Freedom of Speech - Canadian Style

But it didn’t stay funny for long. Six minutes (6:20) into the video, the Toronto police can be seen asking Menzies to stop using the word “terrorism” while filming. The Rebel Media reporter protested that he has free speech rights under the Canadian constitution. Police responded that such words would be considered “incitement” in the context of the protest and demanded he leave the public square.

“I can’t call a terrorist, a ‘terrorist?’” Menzies asked.

“Not in this sort of environment — no, you can’t,” the officer replied. “That’s going to incite a breach of the peace and that is Canadian law. Am I clear? It’s a breach of the peace. You will be placed under arrest.”
“You’re not to use that word again, in here, in this environment. Do you understand me?”

Later the police can be seen pushing Menzies off the public sidewalk and behind barricades and claiming he called protestors terrorists.

Thoughts and prayers.

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provoking a crowd of people will get you arrested, it has nothing to do with speech.

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Heaven forbid that anyone upset a terrorist by calling them a terrorist.


again it has nothing to do with what he was saying.
it has to do with him trying to provoke a crowd into violent behavior.

Are you saying that a crowd mourning a slain terrorist can’t control itself?

I should note “Rebel Media” is the Alex Jones of Canada they are well known for pushing insane crap like RCMP and Trudeau faked a mass shooting to blame it on white males.

no I’m saying if your trying to provoke someone into breaking the peace, you will be arrested.
It goes both ways.

I am well aware of Rebel Media.

He was being rude, verbally accosting people, shoving cameras into people’s faces and being a troll. They kept asking him politely to stop. They simply wanted to peacefully gather, for whatever reason.

As a journalist, he could have politely asked if anyone wanted to talk, and then politely asked questions and listened to answers.

If someone goes to a gathering, accosts people and shoves cameras in their faces and loudly asks trolling questions, the police are going to tell them to move on down the road.

Where are you getting this information?

In Canada, only their white leaders are allowed to dress in black face.


I watched the video.

Fair enough.

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Wait, this was your OP. Why asking me where I got it?

I only skimmed through the video and didn’t see what you saw.

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Right … it might upset a terrorist sympathizer. Glad to see freedom of speech is alive and well in Canada.

Why not wait until the someone breaks the peace before arresting the person who incited them?

I still fail to see how calling a terrorist a terrorist would incite anyone to violence … even the so named terrorist.

do they not have the right to peaceful assembly?