‘FREEDOM CITY’: Austin, Texas Takes ‘SANCTUARY STATUS’ to the NEXT LEVEL | Sean Hannity

The liberal bastion of Austin, Texas took its fight against the state government and Trump administration to the next level this month, passing new legislation that declared the left-wing enclave the nation’s first ‘Freedom City.’

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we in Texas look at san fran and know t hat we know that Austin/Dallas/Houston are the next san fran. Really sad and shows how sick the left wing liberal socialist demorats really are.

Am I the only one that is thinking WTH? How does this go through? How is this fair, every CITIZEN gets arrested for non violent and violent crimes! Why are illegals treated differently? What is this world coming to? I voted for Trump to get away from the crazies and here we are, right in the middle of them! I would like to think if they are stealing then they SHOULD go through the deportation pipeline! I thought Texas was Republican although I knew they had illegal and border issues. I think we are becoming bizzarro world where everything is backwards and upside down!